In Harmony With Nature

Produce around 3000 t of berries per year in its own way linking small farms and very demanding customers, transferring knowledge to farmers in order to produce safe fruit of best quality. Fruit is farmed in accordance with the Program of integrated berries production...

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Satisfied Customers = Satisfied Employees

Agropartner’s main goal is to approach each customer hand to hand to deliver the fruit of premium quality.
Harvest is manual, each fruit picked by hand, selected by hand in the cold store in which the fruit is quick frozen to maintain attributes of whole, healthy and attractive fruit of nature.
Agropartner is located in Dragačevo region in Serbia which may be somewhat unknown to the rest of the world but it is a proper center of the world when it comes to revealing the most perfect fruits of the nature.

* Agropartner was founded in 1990, on October 2nd.

* Export annual turnover is 6.000.000 € today



Growing - Harwest - Processing

Fruit growing & harvest

Agropartner manages fruit production on more than 1000 farms with average size of 0.3ha in mountain area. Raspberries and blackberries are produced in integrated method mainly, while Agropartner has raspberry production in organic method too.Traceability system from field to shelf is implemented.

Fruit processing

Agropartner has two modern cold stores – in villages Krstac and Vica, in the heart of raspberry farms. Cold stores are equipped with up to date processing lines. Processing and storing capacity of two cold stores is up to 3000t of frozen fruit. Raspberry is frozen immediately after harvesting to preserve it’s best attributes. Frozen berries are sorted and packed on the basis of Agropartner or customer specification.


Product Range

AGROPARTNER customers are:

- INDUSTRY COMPANIES (juice, jam, yoghurt)

With the aim to satisfy customer requirements we can provide besides full service following products:

Raspberry Willamette and Meeker variety

(fruit produced in integrated way prevailing, available as Global Gap and Organic too)

- Iqf whole packed in bags, folded carton boxes and punnets: 10kg, 2.5kg, 1kg, 500g, 300g
- Crumble: 20kg, 14kg, 10kg, 1kg

Blackberry Čačanska bestrna & Thornfree

- Iqf whole and confiture packed in bags: 10kg, 2.5kg, 1kg, 300g

Sour – cherry

- Iqf whole

Plum Stenley variety

- Iqf halves and quarters

Berry mix

- Iqf whole

A BERRIES (brend)

In addition to various customer brand names that AGROPARTNER is producing, we are able to offer branded products under “A berries” label. These products can be found either in 500 g bag, 300 g punnet or 300 g folded carton box.

a berries


About our activities


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About security and data sharing

If you have any questions regarding privacy policy statement feel free to contact us at:

Customer’s data disclosure

We will not under any circumstances disclose customer’s data neither we will sell it nor dispose without explicite customer’s approval.

Data Safety

We have undertaken appropriate physical, electronic, and administrative steps to ensure and prevent access by unauthorized parties, to keep data safety and to provide correct use of the information collected online.


Our adress is:

Nikole Tesle street 2

32240 Lučani


Our contact info is:


T: +381 32 817 016

F: +381 32 817 190

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